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 "They have revamped our employee handbook and I'm thrilled with the results!"
"ModHR provided top-notch training and offered invaluable legal consultation."
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We make HR less of a headache and more of your edge.

At ModHR, we dig deep to solve core HR issues, transforming challenges into your strategic advantage. Our expertise cuts through complexity, ensuring your HR functions not only resolve immediate concerns but also align with long-term goals, driving growth and employee satisfaction.

What we do

Fully Outsourced HR: "The Complete HR Orchestra"

Conducting Your HR Symphony

Embrace the harmony of comprehensive HR management with our Fully Outsourced HR service. Combining the tactical prowess of HR Generalists with the strategic vision of HR Executives, we orchestrate every facet of your HR needs. From day-to-day operations to high-level strategy and policy formation, we ensure your HR functions play in perfect unison, driving your business forward.

Employer Relations Tutoring

Your distress signal to an HR wingman

In today's data-driven world, making informed decisions is crucial for success. That's why we offer cutting-edge data analysis services to help you gain valuable insights into your HR processes. By leveraging advanced analytical tools and techniques, we'll use KPI’s to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization. Whether it's predicting talent needs, measuring employee performance, or evaluating the effectiveness of your HR initiatives, we'll provide the data-driven insights you need to move your business forward.

Conversation Topics

Specialized sessions about write-ups, performance evaluations, how to manage emotions during meetings and other HR topics that need to be addressed and decompressed.

Employee Handbook

Baking Your Culture Cake Recipe

We're committed to delivering tangible results that make a real difference for your organization. With our proven track record of success, we'll work closely with you to develop and implement strategic HR solutions that align with your business objectives. From designing customized HR programs to executing seamless implementation plans, we'll ensure that your initiatives are carried out effectively and efficiently. With our focus on measurable outcomes, you can trust that you'll be reaching your goals in no time.

About us

Here at ModHR we use stories and stats to find unique and thoughtful solutions to all of your human issues. Stats help us stick to the facts and research while stories keep our minds on your people's best interests.

As pioneers in fractional HR, we take pride in having a different outlook on the industry. No matter the size of your business - if you have 1 employee, you're bound to have people problems - we have options for you.

We have created a fractional HR system that keeps your costs manageable while allowing you the exact amount of support that you need, whether it be executive or generalist duties.

ModHR was created with passion and determination - it fuels us and is precisely what we will bring to your team.

Together, We're Unstoppable.

At ModHR, our commitment to social change is at the core of what we do.

We strive to be agents of change, using our platform to promote inclusivity, sustainability, and integrity in business practices, believing that positive internal cultures foster wider community benefits.

Through our participation in the Let's Face It initiative, ModHR contributes to a collective effort aimed at confronting and addressing critical social issues. Let’s not just talk about change — but make it happen. Join us on a mission to reshape the future, one workplace at a time.

Meet the team

Meet Your HR Mavericks: Catalysts for Real Change.
Sidney Bruce,CEO and HR visionary at ModHR
Suzanne Dozier, Creative Content Maven
Elaina Williams, Lead HR Generalist



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