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HR Partnership with Benefit Brokers & Accounting Firms

We are the Hermione to Harry Potter

This partnership empowers Benefit Brokers and Accounting Firms to add value to their client offerings with ModHR's specialized one-hour HR Advising sessions. Our expertise can reinforce your client’s trust and satisfaction, while distinguishing your services in a competitive market.


Employer Relations Tutoring

Your distress signal to an HR wingman

Empower professionals by enhancing their skills and knowledge, ensuring that your client’s team not only gains from our comprehensive HR services but also benefits from deepened insights and expertise.

Conversational Topics

Specialized sessions about write-ups, performance evaluations, how to manage emotions during meetings and other HR topics that need to be addressed and decompressed.


The Future Is Collaborative

Ready to transform the HR landscape? Partner with ModHR for seamless integration, relentless support, and a partnership that goes beyond expectations. Let's create a legacy of innovation and success.



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